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Seychelles: International Business Company IBC

The Seychelles Islands are strategically located in the Indian Ocean, between the east cost of Africa and India. This independent Republic is one of the progressive offshore centers in the world with competitive legislation, which makes incorporation relatively simple, whilst ensuring Investor confidence and privacy.

The international Business Companies Act 1994 is the governing legislation for the formation of the versatile and most widely sought type of company, through which legitimate international business, including trade, commerce and investment activities are conducted.

Legal System

The legal system of the Seychelles is based on English Common Law and French Civil Law.

Company Structure

A Seychelles company is flexible concerning the capitalization, shares and the shareholders and director.

  • There are no minimum or maximum capital requirements for a Seychelle company.
  • Shares can be issued with or without Par Value
  • Shares are issued in Registered form only, Bearer shares are no longer permitted
  • IBC's do not require more than one director
  • For the registration of Seychelles IBCs shareholders and directors may be of any nationality and residents of any country.
  • One shareholder and one director are allowed. The same person can be the shareholder and director.
  • The directors do not have to be shareholders
  • Directors and shareholders may be natural persons or corporate entities

A Seychelles IBC must have a registered office in the Seychelles with a physical address.

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