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Gibraltar Non-Resident Companies

Gibraltar boasts of excellent communications, English University trained professionals and its culture which provides the infrastructure in support of its legislation to incorporate a non-resident company.

The Gibraltar Companies Ordinance, which is based on the Companies Act 1929 of the United Kingdom which has been amended and enhanced. The tax status for various types of Gibraltar companies is established primarily by the Gibraltar Companies (taxation and concessions) Ordinance of 1967.

There are various types of companies allowed under Gibraltar Law, including Gibraltar tax exempt companies, Gibraltar Non-Resident Companies, Gibraltar Hybrid Companies and the Gibraltar Qualifying company.

Company Structure

Any currency may be used for the capitalization of a Gibraltar offshore company, however the US Dollar or Gibraltar Pound which is of equal value with the British Pound, is usually used. There is further flexibility in the structure of the company.


There is no requirement to disclose the identity of the Beneficial Owner of a Gibraltar Non-Resident Company and secrecy is guaranteed by legislation. Confidentiality in Gibraltar is taken extremely seriously. Only by order of the Supreme Court on the suspicion that the company is involved in serious criminal activity, may the name of the Beneficial Owners be disclosed.

The reporting requirements are minimal and do not betray the privacy of the company, especially when Nominee Services are used.

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